The bathroom

I would like to celebrate the fact that my life long desire finally came true when I moved to Glasgow. As you read this text, this described space is no longer mine. When I leave this bathroom, I’ll be leaving Glasgow. The longing to take a bath will increase, as I will only have a shower now to daydream in.

The shared bathroom is completely beige, with marble-effect beige tiles. The tiles are both on the floor and on the walls; every tile is exactly the same except for three tiles that are just above the end of the bathtub. As if the tiler ran out of the right tiles and replaced it with whatever he had left. The ceiling is white with black fungus slowly growing from the corners.

The highlight of the bathroom is without a doubt the bathtub. Unfortunately it’s not always as clean as I want it to be and there are a few places where I can’t understand how this particular kind of ‘dirt’ seems to be repeating itself. There often seems to be a pile of toilet paper on the floor next to the toilet seat, as if it was too hard to throw the toilet paper into the trash can, which you cannot reach while you are sitting on the toilet.

The bathtub gets a little bit wider at the end where your feet are supposed to be. Collected on top and in the corners of the bathtub you will find three scrub gloves, two greenish-blue and one black, a black hair comb, a foot brush, a blue Venus razorblade, a purple Venus razorblade, shampoo, intimate soap, a knife, Clinique facial wash, bath foam, more shampoo, a scrub object and a squeezed out toothpaste tube. Above the bathtub there are two taps, one for warm water and one for cold. And then there is also this round thing to pull the plug in and out, only it is broken which makes unplugging the bathtub a difficult task but it explains why there is a knife collected on top of the bathtub. The shower knob was something that I’ve never seen before and left me wondering the first time how I was supposed to use it. It’s a round silver object with a handle in the middle of it. If you turn this handle up, cold water starts running, the water becomes warmer the higher you pull the handle up, but you have to wait a few minutes before the water is warm enough for you to take a shower. Next to the bathtub you will find an ordinary white toilet and opposite that an ordinary white sink. Next to the toilet there is a low tiled step before you get to the wall. On here the cleaning products are nicely arranged together in one basket. Next to the basket there is the toilet brush, toilet paper, toilet spray and sanitary napkins. Half on the step and half on the floor there is a cabinet, which is made of dark brown wooden planks. It has probably been bought from Ikea. This type of furniture repeats itself throughout the whole house in different forms and shapes.

Next to this bathroom-cabinet there is a mini trash can and next to the trash can there is the sink. On the sink lie pieces of a soap tablet, isolated from any kind of soap basket. It seems to slip into the sink every time I brush my teeth or when I wash my hands. Above the sink there is a glass shelf with a glass cup with eight toothbrushes. It’s mysterious how these toothbrushes just keep multiplying and how the amount is more than the amount of people who live here. My toothbrush is electric, which made my life so much easier since last Christmas when my sister wrapped this present up for me. Then there are the materials for my contact lenses and another squeezed out toothpaste tube. Above the shelf there is of course a mirror. A heater is also built into this space only it is never on.

The only object that is there because of my contribution is the grey bath mat, that needs to be cleaned. The rest of the bathroom also needs to be cleaned, I just don’t seem to do it. Except for the bathtub which I clean just before I take my weekly bath.