Margré Steensma (Nij Altoenae, 1989)

Upcoming: 29 September – 1 October BIG Art, Bajeskwartier Amsterdam

The Desire is to be free from desire
Until then I wil create throughout my constantly changing desires
Shape Shapes, objects & sculptures
And explore spaces/places to find something to hold on to

If you want to see some supportive shapes & spaces you can make an appointment for a studio visit at the Heerbokelweg in Rotterdam

If you want to touch ‘Something to hold on to’ you can visit the public park in Vlissingen between Willem Klooslaan en de Sloeweg

2018/2019 Bachelor art education
Fontys Tilburg, The Netherlands
2013/2014 Master Fine Art
KASK Ghent, Belgium
2010/2013 Bachelor Image and Installation Art
KASK Ghent, Belgium
2009/2010 Orientation year, Fine Art
Artez Enschede, The Netherlands

2023 How would you like to be supported? (solo)
Het Lage noorden, Marrum
2022 Buitendienst; kunsthal on drift
Gallery Drift, Breda
2022 Dimension on settlement
Neck of the Woods, Rotterdam
2021 This Art Fair
Kromhouthal, Amsterdam
2021 Duoshow with Art van Triest
KEVN, Eindhoven
2020 In The House
Bouwput Amsterdam (duo)
2020 Textures&Grids 
AGA Lab Amsterdam (presentation residency)
2019 Limbo & Taverns (open studio)
Kaus Australis, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2018 Independent art fair (duo presentation)
Brussels, Belgium
2018 K&C 30 jaar (group)
Kunst&complex, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2018 Prospective Objects (duo)
Plagia Rama, Brussels, Belgium
2017 Toolboxes and Territories (duo)
CBK Zeeland, Middelburg, The Netherlands
2017 Prospects & Concepts (group)
Art Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2016 Ta Daa (studio presentation)
Kaus Australis, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2015 All I want is to take a Bath (solo)
The Briggait, Glasgow, United Kingdom
2015 Everyday (group)
Incubarte 7, Ibercaja Gallery, Valencia, Spain
2015 Melted Reality (duo)
Plagia Rama, Brussels, Belgium
2014 Graduation show
Auditorium KASK Ghent, Belgium
2014 All I want with my life is to be a Housewife (solo)
KASK, Ghent, Belgium
2013 The only rule is Work (group)
Zwarte zaal KASK, Ghent, Belgium
2013 Chew it (group)
Chroxhapox, Ghent, Belgium
2013 Absolute, VZW Gert Robijns (group)
Charleroi, Belgium

Public Space
2021 – Something to hold on to – kunstpark Vlissingen

Augustus 2020 – November 2020 Steim, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Juni 2020 – Juli 2020 AGA Lab, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Januari 2016 – Juni 2016 Kaus Australis, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
September 2014 – June 2015 MANY graduate residency, Glasgow Scotland

Awards / Grants
2023 O&O for How would you like to be supported?
CBK Rotterdam
2023 AIR Het Lage Noorden
binnenlandateliers Mondriaan Fonds
2021 Project funding The Extending Space
Makersloket, stichting Droom en Daad
2021 Project funding for the obstacles
CBK Rotterdam
2021 project funding The Non Space
Mondriaan Fund, The Netherlands
2020 Ik ben een god in het diepst van mijn gedachten – competition proposal for an outside sculpture (winner)
Kipvis, Vlissingen, The Netherlands
2020 Mondriaan Fund, The Netherlands
Project funding for AGA lab & Steim Amsterdam
2018 Mondriaan Fund, The Netherlands
Project funding for ‘Other Spaces’
2016 Mondriaan Fund, The Netherlands
Stipendium for Young Talent
2014 Mondriaan Fund, The Netherlands
Stipendium for Depth Development Artistic Practice

2022 Presentatie, Productie, Research, CBK Rotterdam
2020 Grote Nederlandse kunstkalender
2018 Plagia Rama, Prospective Objects
2017 CBK Zeeland, Toolboxes and Territories
2017 Prospects&Concepts
2017 D!ng magazine, four year anniversary
2015 Tijdschrift Ei, Clubjes
2015 Plagia Rama, Melted Reality
2014 Graduation, KASK