Current Space / Healing Space

What do I need to feel supported?
What do you need to feel supported?
Is the thing that you need, also something that can help me?
Can we help each other?

some support

Together we searched for spaces, objects and rituals that can support us during difficult times. We visualized some Safe Spaces together and made new objects filled with meaning and power. I remember you told me about the mountainous environment you were in. About the sound of the water that was going through the stones. That you were there by yourself, but you knew that the people you cared about where right there with you.
I remember there was lots of green and softness, you felt safe. I also felt safe and at ease, it was special to share al these visualizations of safe spaces with each other.
I’ve heard different stories about when you felt vulnerable. What caused one of the worst moments of your life. We contemplated about what you needed during that time and together we kneaded this into this small, but powerful, piece of clay. We also talked about what we could do to take good care of ourselves and imagine us doing some self-care rituals. You had this idea to give every day some attention to one of your sculptures and remember why you made this piece. I thought it was a beautiful idea.
At one point I saw you’re tearing eyes, you told me that you sometimes felt ashamed whenever you felt down. Together we made the hold-on stone, I hope it can help you to realize that you don’t have to be ashamed for whenever you are feeling down and that it is ok to cry sometimes. 

The Healing Space is a sculptural installation that is created by researching the question: How would you like to be supported?
Together with others I’ve explored this question and searched for spaces, objects and rituals that can support us during difficult times. Inspired by the results of some workshop, the Healing Space arised.é-zoekt-houvast-en-helpt-ook-anderen-dit-te-vinden-28332985.html?fbclid=IwAR2YumyYPE1quZclgjis8dQgpLlp-9JaPDiTXjv6-hfmTfxaCjj7RGzt-oc